“While I was growing up, I was inspired mostly by rappers”

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While you were growing up who did you see in the media that looked like you?
While I was growing up, I was inspired mostly by rappers. I remember Bashy having quite an impact on me with his song ‘Black Boys’. It made me feel like I could achieve anything I wanted in life.


In school who did you learn about that looked like you or had similar experiences to you? 

Martin Luther King; but that was only during Black History Month and that wasn’t even sufficient enough.
Why do you think diversity and representation is important?
Images are powerful, the media shapes how we view the world. Even though now we have social media and people are telling their own stories so we’re seeing a shift. I think it’s important for ethnic minorities to tell their own stories but also mainstream media need to do much more to include diverse stories and faces. The BBC could lead by example not only by hiring more diverse people in front of the camera but behind the camera. Schools could also train young people in different skills and link up with different media companies to give them access to work experience and internships. We all play a role.

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