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All Kinds of Beautiful is a film campaign aimed to help those who do not fit into Eurocentric beauty standards and are otherwise ignored by Mainstream Media. This includes all minority ethnic groups and also any other groups of people whereby there is a lot of stigma attached. For example, people with mental health issues or people with disabilities, or people who are overweight and judge themselves for being this way. All Kinds of Beautiful wants to promote every kind of human being, and to show that we are all the same.
I started this project because I myself have had an eating disorder due to weight issues and I also suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. I always felt alienated from society and felt that I had to constantly live up to its beauty standards. Also, being part of the Muslim Asian community is something I am very proud of despite all the stigma attached to this group by the White British population. My goal is to make people feel better about themselves and to help others not to feel the way I did – like an outsider.

I hope that my project can help others if enough people can share it and connect with it. I hope that it can make others feel as though they are not in this alone and that they are truly beautiful. I hope that this project can help to put a dent in Eurocentric standards of beauty and make people think about other minority groups. And mostly I hope this project makes people realise that there truly are All Kinds of Beautiful in the world.

I am a big supporter of the #Oneisnotenough campaign because it ties in completely with All Kinds of Beautiful. I would like to represent BAMEs in my own campaign through spotlight interviews, giving people a chance to see through the eyes of of BAMEs themselves and to hear about their struggle. I want BAMEs to feel beautiful in the British society and I want them to feel like they belong.

Afshan x

Twitter: @Afshaann

To get involved in this wonderful project email

If you would like to share your stories, experiences and opinions, or if you want to be featured on the ‘spotlight’ section email us at

Bless x

#Oneisnotenough TEAM

Twitter: @1isnotenough


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